Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report











Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report










Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report

Museum exploration is one of the best ways students connect the theoretical concepts in class with the visual found in various museums. Visiting a museum has been one of the things I have admired for long. I always view a visit to the museum as a way of absorbing other cultures and a way of fascinating the senses. I and my friends planned to visit the museum on Saturday 14th March. Upon the arrival, we met with the guards who conducted a security check and welcomed us.

My experience at the museum had many mixed reactions. I was excited, anxious and hopeful. The mixed reactions were not because of many security checks and the big clouds of people but because of excitement and eager to learn. Upon setting foot in the museum, one notices a wide array of the colorful diversity of various cultures of the world.  Everything to be considered artful was on display, the armor, weapons, sculptures, art, and accessories among other artworks. Visiting this museum makes one appreciate every culture where the exhibits provide the visitor with a deeper insight into an understanding of origin and evolution.

In this museum, no culture is presented to be more superior or inferior to the others. Differences of various cultures are illustrated using food, houses, artwork, accessories and foods. Among many interesting sculptures that I viewed, the crown of thorn is the one that I liked the most. This sculpture is made up of iron rings that have many nails that are woven into them. On a closer look, one notice that the rings placed on the prisoner’s skull where the nails pierce it. The prisoner facial emotions are sad, and his eyes were looking downwards. The sculpture shows the prisoner grievous emotions as he was going through the torture. Viewing this sculpture initiates one to identify with the era of slavery and torture.

Another sculpture that caught my eye is a piece that was named the American women where a woman is presented holding a kid. For years, the American women have been known to pursue their careers as in some cases neglecting the family (Parvis, 2013). The sculpture is dated 1983.10.7. According to the staff, the sculpture was dedicated to women and the society. At a closer look, the woman is portrayed protecting the infant from danger. The meaning of the sculpture is that, as the society, we should protect the children.

The experience of the museum was an intriguing one. I now appreciate the work the mothers did and got to understand the pain that the slaves could have gone through. Other things that I enjoyed include tasting various food, dances, exquisite pieces of art, and I bought some accessories of different cultures. All the pieces in this museum are beautiful without question.

In conclusion, the design of this modern art museum is something amazing. The museum has collaborated both traditional and modern approach in museum design. This design employs a user’s friendly layout that is believed to enhance the experience. The modern layout has provided a layout with a better esthetic and social experience thought the visit (Parvis, 2013). Using this idea, the visitor can capture the beliefs and values the artwork is communication. The visit to this museum was an opportunity to discover and experience wonders of artwork studied in the humanities classes.





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